Commercial Scale-up

Partnership increases access to pharma manufacturing equipment &

expands capabilities for scale-up.

CMC Pharma has formed a business collaboration with Federal Equipment Company (FEC).

FEC is a dealer of industrial equipment with a primary focus on pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing equipment. This agreement grants CMC access to a wider range of small to large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, allowing us to expand capabilities and further assist our clients with commercial-scale development.

Techceuticals Lab showing equipment for commercial scale up
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In addition to increased access to a wide variety of pharmaceutical processing equipment to prepare prototypes and advance manufacturing process development, FEC operates Techceuticals, a training and consulting division of their business. Techceuticals is focused on providing training courses, drug formulation and development services, process troubleshooting, equipment sourcing, and equipment and process validation and documentation for solid-dose manufacturing (e.g. tablets, capsules, and powders) for customers manufacturing or developing drugs. The collaboration allows CMC to access the services provided by Techceuticals as well as their lab and equipment.


Assisting Pharma & Biotech From Pre-Clinical through Commercial Scale-up

The collaboration between CMC Pharma and Federal Equipment Company represents a commitment to assisting pharmaceutical companies throughout the entire product life-cycle. From pre-clinical formulation development through scale-up and commercial manufacturing, CMC Pharma and FEC have the resources and expertise required to assist innovators and manufacturers within the pharmaceutical industry.

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