CMC Pharma Offers a Wealth of Experience in Formulation Development and So Much More!

CMC Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an organization that provides drug product contract laboratory services and consulting. Extensive expertise in pharmaceutical development and modern R&D laboratories uniquely position us as your partner of choice to meet all of your drug product development needs. We focus on pharmaceutical projects that require wide ranging consulting services, pre-formulation characterization, formulation development, analytical chemistry, stability evaluation, novel drug delivery systems, process development and drug product characterization studies. Our capabilities and services are appropriate for programs from early to late-stage development through FDA approval and commercial launch.

We Have Experience

Our experienced chemists and engineers provide drug product Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. CMC Pharma’s President, Mike Radomsky, has a PhD in chemical engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and nearly 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. The company leverages its scientists’ extensive background in the formulation, analysis, and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with an emphasis on those with significant technical and manufacturing challenges.

From Big Pharma to emerging start-ups, our pharmaceutical scientists have decades of experience  in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. This experience coupled with our scientifically rigorous approach is ideally suited to meet all of your drug development needs.

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    “The opportunity for CMC Pharma to provide consulting and laboratory development services to our
    clients is truly exciting. We provide high quality deliverables to our clientele by leveraging our technical
    expertise in the pharmaceutical industry” stated Mike Radomsky, CMC Pharma’s President. “Having the
    ability to execute and provide a wide range of product development services quickly and cost-effectively
    provides significant competitive advantages to our clients.”

    Dr. Mike Radomsky