PODD: Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery – 2022 Conference Recap
Date: November 16, 2022
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After a long couple of years and many virtual conferences, the team at CMC Pharma is back on the road. Mid-2022 we took a trip up north to Montreal for the Controlled Release Society’s Annual meeting. Then, this October, we traveled to the PODD (Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery) Conference in Boston. It was great to reconnect face-to-face with old colleagues and industry partners and make new connections during the course of the two-day event.

The organizers of the conference put care into the program and layout of the show. There were many great speakers and the talks were well-attended. Mike Radomsky, President of CMC Pharma, gave a presentation on day 1 to shed light on CMC’s experience designing drug delivery systems.

Radomsky spoke about how long-acting therapy can be achieved from a single injection by utilizing in situ forming depots. CMC Pharma routinely formulates PLGA and other polymer implants and formulations for controlled-release drug delivery applications. Benefits include its simple manufacturing process and low cost-of-goods, an opportunity to create IP for API or indication-specific drug products since the core technology is off-patent, and that the formulation technology and excipients are proven to be effective and are utilized in existing FDA-approved products.

CMC is proud to provide drug product development services to the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to our expertise in designing drug delivery systems, our lab is well-equipped to help transform your innovative ideas into approved products. The scientists at CMC routinely develop and validate analytical methods, perform pre-formulation and formulation studies, run ICH Stability and compatibility studies, and prepare drug product products for in vivo and in vitro studies. CMC Pharma’s capabilities and services are appropriate for programs from early to late-stage development through FDA approval and commercial launch. As a preferred partner for contract lab services, our number one goal is to keep your development program on track.

If you missed Mike Radomsky’s Presentation at PODD 2022, a copy of the slides can be downloaded here:




Jared Heimovitz