Drug Delivery Systems

We take proven approaches to develop long-acting drug product formulations.

Pharmaceutical drug delivery selection starts with a focus on a product, not a technology.

We are specialists with extensive experience in the formulation and analytical development of competing technologies that are appropriate for drug compounds with varying characteristics. CMC Pharma selects the best approaches to evaluate in vitro and in vivo.

CMC Scientists Holding Vial with Implant
CMC uses select materials to stabilize drugs and prolong duration of delivery in classic parenteral formulations.

Our Drug Delivery Design Experts:

  • Differentiate your product from competitors
  • Improve the efficacy of your product
  • Optimize the drug release rate, time, and area of release
  • Offer designated project management

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    We Utilize a Variety of Materials:

    Biodegradable Polymers

    Biodegradable polymers are well known in drug delivery. CMC Pharma has extensive experience in developing in situ forming drug delivery depots. The formulation gels upon injection and release is prolonged by diffusion from the in situ gel followed by polymer degradation. We have experience in developing formulations to tailor release kinetics from days to months.

    Non-degradable Polymers

    CMC Pharma scientists also have experience with fabricating and testing non-degradable polymeric implants for controlled release applications.

    Water-soluble Polymers

    For aqueous formulations, prolonged-release can be accomplished by the addition of an appropriate water-soluble polymer. Often these formulations have relatively high viscosity but undergo significant shear thinning and can be injected with standard syringes and needles to accomplish delivery from days to weeks.

    Hydrophobic Additives

    We use our stable organic vehicle formulations and add very hydrophobic low molecular weight materials to obtain delivery from days to weeks.


    CMC Pharma utilizes, when possible, excipients in the FDA inactive ingredient database that are found in commercial, FDA-approved products and are widely accepted in the pharma and biotech industries. These include excipients to solubilize (complexing agents, surfactants, solvents, etc.), stabilize (antioxidants, buffers etc.), or provide a formulation or drug delivery function (polymers, lipids, carriers, binders & disintegrants, etc.)

    Injectable Oils

    We can match drug properties to appropriate hydrophobic injection vehicles for a widely accepted long acting injectable approach.

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