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CMC Pharma’s scientists possess extensive knowledge in pharmaceutical formulation and development with years of relevant industry experience to back it up. Skilled in developing, testing, and manufacturing pharmaceutical drug products, our scientists excel in solving the most demanding technical challenges in drug product development. Our science-based approach, responsiveness, flexibility, and subject matter expertise allow us to customize your experimental requirements and better meet your project needs as a trusted and reliable CDMO pharma company.

Mike Radomsky CMC Pharma President - headshot

Mike Radomsky, PhD

President & Co-founder

Dr. Radomsky is a pharmaceutical industry scientist and executive with nearly 30 years of experience in a broad scope of leadership, technical, regulatory, entrepreneurial, and consulting roles. His expertise results from his PhD in chemical engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and leading the formulation development, manufacturing, and commercialization activities of small molecule, peptide, and protein drugs. Mike focused his early research efforts on the development of using polymers to deliver drugs in a controlled release fashion and completed his dissertation on the use of polymers to deliver antibodies for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

Mike has demonstrated success in advancing generic and innovator product pipelines from discovery to launch utilizing a wide variety of resources. By leading large and small groups of cross functional teams, he has developed a keen understanding of the unique dynamics between research, development, manufacturing, quality, clinical, and the regulatory functions required to develop and manufacture FDA regulated pharmaceutical products. He is a co-founder of CMC Pharma, and currently President of CMC Pharma serving as Principal Investigator for DoD funded and other research, development, and manufacturing programs.

Don Duwe CMC Pharma Lab Director - headshot

Don Duwe

Lab Director

Don is a professional scientist who began his pharmaceutical career in 1995 holding several positions throughout from analytical bench chemist to leadership roles. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 24 years, he builds quality and integrity into products from early design and conception through commercialization. He is proficient in working with early stage to commercialized drug products; including the development, validation, and transfer of stability indicating analytical methods. He has utilized his extensive knowledge in directing and managing pharmaceutical Quality Control and Quality Assurance functions.

Don has performed analytical testing on hundreds of small molecule products from raw material to drug products for human use and participated in the execution of early to late-stage development of complex analytical methods. In Quality roles, he was an active member of committees providing direction for the development and sustainability of drug shortage finished dosage products. Don is currently the Lab Director at CMC Pharma responsible for all  laboratory operations and supervision of CMC Pharma chemists.

Matt Cohen CMC Pharma Director of Quality Assurance and Technology Transfer - headshot

Matt Cohen

Director of QA & Tech Transfer

Matt has over 30 years of industry experience and has served in management and leadership capacities with leading pharmaceutical organizations specializing in contract manufacturing and proprietary branded drugs. Prior to joining CMC Pharma, he had the opportunity to lead key departments such as Research and Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, and Microbiology. He worked for a company that progressed from 8 people to approximately 200 and added internal manufacturing capabilities. Matt’s role evolved to include the implementation of the quality systems required to support an FDA-acceptable QC/RD laboratory and lead the Quality Unit in the buildout and commissioning of a state-of-the-art greenfield parenteral manufacturing site. Prior to his departure, Matt oversaw the submission of approximately 30 drug applications, resulting in the approval of over 10 ANDA’s and 1 NDA. 

Earlier in his career, Matt progressed primarily in Quality. In that period, he was given the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects including the implementation and validation of complex software solutions such as LIMS and ERP, quality oversight in the renovation and qualification of a former device manufacturing site to a parenteral site, lead remediation efforts required to mitigate an FDA official action classification at multiple parenteral manufacturing facilities, and restructured a Quality Control laboratory to improve both compliance and efficiencies. During his tenure, these companies received approval of over 30 generic drug products and 15 NDA’s

Matt holds a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry at the American Chemical Society accredited John Carroll University.

Casey Loveland CMC Pharma Business Manager - headshot

Casey Loveland

Business Manager

Casey Loveland has a background in marketing, working primarily in publishing and insurance since graduating with a degree in Communications from the University of San Diego. She transitioned into Pharmaceuticals 4 years ago to assist in the building of CMC Pharma and now involved in the day to day operations of the company.

Casey has used her organizational and planning skills to successfully set up and maintain the required licenses, insurances and procedures in order to operate a thriving company. Casey is a co-founder and current business manager at CMC Pharma.

Lisa Losch CMC Pharma Project Manager - headshot

Lisa A. Losch

Special Projects Manager

Lisa Losch is a Chemical Engineer with 15+ years of experience in engineering, project management, and operations at manufacturing companies as well as the government and government contractors.

Her experience lies in strategizing and leading cross-functional teams to successfully execute complex projects including areas of sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and cost control. She has exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills. Lisa is currently the Special Projects Manager at CMC Pharma.

Jared Heimovitz

Marketing & Business Development

Jared has an extensive background in marketing and was brought on to CMC Pharma to elevate the company’s presence in the industry and to further improve client relations. Jared is responsible for all digital marketing efforts and is the main point of contact for PR, publications, and advertising opportunities.

In addition, Jared is typically the first person new customers will interact with at CMC. From there, Jared is actively involved in proposal preparation and contracting efforts and works closely with project managers and scientific staff throughout the execution stage to ensure that every client’s needs and expectations are met and exceeded.

Mary Kay Delmedico, PhD


Mary Kay has dedicated more than 25 years to the biopharmaceutical industry, holding senior executive leadership roles in support of scientific, clinical, regulatory, commercial, and strategic objectives across multiple therapeutic areas, including virology, diabetes, pain, and oncology supportive care. She has been an integral part of product design and development from early discovery, candidate selection, IND-enabling studies, clinical development and commercialization, and is an experienced project leader of multi-functional teams.

Mary Kay holds a B.S. from St. Edwards University and a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently serving CMC Pharma as a consultant.

Clark March


Clark March has an MS from Virginia Commonwealth University / Medical College of Virginia and more than 30 years experience in the industry. He has extensive experience with chromatographic method development and validation of bio-analytical and content/impurity/dissolution methods, conducting projects under GLP/GMP conditions, communicating with sponsors and partners, dealing with FDA inspectors during laboratory audits, managing CROs and teaching and training junior scientists.

Clark’s current role at CMC Pharma is to provide analytical chemistry oversight to all programs to ensure compliance with FDA regulations and expectations.

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