CMC Pharmaceuticals Inc. sponsored Drug Delivery West Summit
Date: June 2, 2021
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CMC Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CMC Pharma), a contract services company providing drug product laboratory and consulting services to the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry, announced their Supporting Sponsorship for the 3rd Annual Drug Delivery West (DDW) Summit.  The DDW Summit provides a virtual platform for biopharmaceutical companies to discuss and explore partnership opportunities utilizing novel drug delivery solutions.  The summit includes virtual meetings and forums covering a broad range of topics in drug delivery. The summit was held virtually on May 17th and May 18th with two additional days of partnership meetings.

Founded in 2014, CMC Pharma’s business model includes drug product consulting and lab services for a wide variety of drug development programs ranging from immediate-release to long-acting injectables. The company’s drug delivery efforts are focused on cost effective solutions that utilize the PLGA (poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)) family and SAIB (sucrose acetate isobutyrate) biocompatible polymers.  The company is located in Northeast Ohio with office, laboratory, pilot plant and expansion space available in the Cleveland and Solon locations.  

CMC Pharma’s experience includes multi-year projects for commercial customers and the United States Federal Government.  In 2019, CMC Pharma added cGMP lab services to support its development services for pharmaceutical drug products.  

“We are committed to providing breakthrough drug delivery solutions to address medical needs with unique and innovative approaches,” stated Dr. Mike Radomsky, Founder and President of CMC Pharmaceuticals. “It is our mission to contribute to the development of successful drug products to meet critical and unmet medical needs.”


About CMC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.:


CMC Pharmaceuticals is a leading provider of drug product development services and manufacturing support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. CMC Pharmaceuticals delivers its specialized scientific expertise and services including pre-formulation, formulation development, analytical development, cGMP lab services, stability and compatibility studies, manufacturing process development and consulting services to clients globally. CMC Pharmaceuticals offers decades of specialized scientific experience in the development and manufacture of a wide range of drug product types including sterile, solid, semi-solid/liquid, topical, long-acting, controlled release, and other complex dosage forms. 


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Casey Loveland, Business Manager

CMC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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