Government contracts

CMC Pharmaceuticals is a leader in formulation services for government contracts.

CMC Pharmaceuticals is a leading contract services company, focused on providing pharmaceutical drug product development services, including formulation development, analytical development, manufacturing process development, and stability services.   Our mission is to deliver our specialized scientific expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, resulting in the development of better drug products. Our services can support your pharmaceutical drug product development needs for R&D and cGMP laboratory services (suitable to support your U.S. FDA submissions) at virtually any stage of development.

CMC Pharmaceuticals has experience in and is committed to participation in government contracts.


  • Formulation development of NCEs, combination drug products, and hard to stabilize or solubilize compounds
  • Experienced with traditional (tablet, capsule, injectable solution) and novel (polymeric controlled release, nano/ microparticles, and complex drug delivery systems) dosage forms


  • Development of analytical methods  by U/HPLC, LCMS and other techniques
  • Related substances and stability indicating methods
  • Testing of APIs, drug product, and reference standards
  • Broad experience with supporting tests (e.g. Karl Fisher, osmolarity, dissolution, and others)


  • Stability studies at in-use, long-term storage, accelerated, and forced degradation conditions
  • Material compatibility and container closure studies
  • cGMP and ICH stability studies
  • Novel, custom designed studies as needed (e.g. UV light exposure)

CMC Pharmaceuticals has successfully executed formulation, analytical, and stability efforts as both a prime and a subcontractor.

CMC Pharmaceuticals Scientific Expertise

The company was founded in 2014 by Dr. Mike Radomsky to provide highly-specialized scientific expertise to the pharma and biotech industries.  CMC Pharmaceuticals boasts a staff of scientists, many with 20+ years of experience and/or advanced degrees, that deliver high-quality custom lab services to clients from around the world. Our R&D and commercial cGMP experience provide the basis to design and develop your early phase drug product, or optimize, remediate, or trouble shoot your mature approved product.

Facility Locations – Cleveland, OH

CMC Pharmaceuticals is a US operated and majority woman-owned small business with  two modern laboratories in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Our facilities are focused on providing a wide variety of  world class drug product development services.

Dr. Mike Radomsky Ph.D.
Founder & President
25+ Years Experience

Government Contract Experience

CMC Pharmaceuticals has prepared proposals and executed contracts for a  variety of projects and has the necessary infrastructure in place to execute Government Grants and Contracts

  • Established corporate priority to procure funding from Federal Government Programs
  • Prepared white papers, RFIs, and proposals for various government agencies
  • Dedicated Project Manager to track and execute projects

Corporate Strategy to Develop MCMs

CMC Pharmaceuticals has a strategic corporate development goal to prioritize our efforts in the MCM space.

  • Significant injectable drug products experience
  • Seeking partners to advance programs
  • Identifying new and repurposed drugs for MCM programs
  • Active member of MCDC