CMC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Continues Operations and Laboratory Services During COVID-19 Pandemic
Date: May 13, 2020
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CMC Pharmaceuticals, a leading provider of drug product development services, announces that operations at its Ohio locations have continued and expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our administrative functions have been effective working remotely, and CMC has established on-site guidelines to protect our employees with appropriate social distancing and other procedures in our laboratories. In the previous 12 months, CMC Pharma has:

  • Continued operations throughout Ohio’s Stay at Home Order as an Essential Business that provides laboratory and product development services to our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.
  • Expanded our long-acting, controlled-release drug delivery capabilities with a focus on cost-effective solutions.
  • Established a manufacturing pilot plant to produce a wide variety of oral, injectable, and long-acting drug product prototypes.
  • Expanded lab instrumentation and personnel to double our analytical capacity with new ICH Stability Chambers, UHPLCs, and other analytical instrumentation.
  • Established cGMP laboratory capabilities for analytical development and validation, stability and compatibility studies, and drug product release testing
  • Added additional personnel protective equipment (PPE) and lab safety equipment for the safe handling of potent actives.
  • Expanded our relationship with the Federal Government for the development of drugs by winning multiple DOD grants and contracts
  • Submitted COVID-19 proposals to identify and develop pharmacotherapies by providing chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) support (e.g., manufacturing scale-up).

These milestones and capabilities have provided services to our customers for the development of critically needed drug products. CMC Pharma has continued to expand our lab services to develop or improve drug product formulations, prepare prototypes of a variety of dosage forms, conduct stability and material compatibility studies, and create or optimize analytical methods that are suitable for inclusion in our clients U.S. FDA and other worldwide regulatory submissions.

“CMC Pharma was started nearly 6 years ago to quickly develop robust formulations needed for drug approval and large scale manufacturing. Our organization is well positioned to help identify, scale-up and test formulations to ensure Quality drug products that are critically needed to fight the current pandemic,” stated Mike Radomsky, Founder and President of CMC Pharmaceuticals. “CMC is excited to partner with other organizations to develop new treatments for COVID-19 and will continue our partnerships to advance pharmacotherapies and other medical countermeasures to address unmet medical needs.”

About CMC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.:

CMC Pharmaceuticals is a leading provider of drug product development services and manufacturing support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. CMC Pharmaceuticals delivers its specialized scientific expertise and services including pre-formulation, formulation development, analytical development, cGMP lab services, stability and compatibility studies, manufacturing process development and consulting services to clients globally. CMC Pharmaceuticals offers decades of specialized scientific experience in the development and manufacture of a wide range of drug product types including sterile, solid, semi-solid/liquid, topical, long-acting, controlled release, and other complex dosage forms.