CMC Pharmaceuticals Awarded SBIR Grant For Concentrated Atropine Formulation
Date: April 6, 2022
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CMC Pharmaceuticals Awarded SBIR Grant For Concentrated Atropine Formulation

Solon, OH: CMC Pharmaceuticals has been awarded a Small Business Innovation (SBIR) grant from U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The Phase I SBIR award will fund the formulation and analytical development of a concentrated Atropine Sulfate Drug Product. The application of this new formulation aims to aid the military in treating organophosphate poisoning in service members. 

“CMC Pharma has significant experience developing injectable atropine and related formulations for medical countermeasures,” said Dr. Radomsky, Principal Investigator and President of CMC Pharma. “The team is honored to have been awarded the SBIR and we are thrilled to support the Department of Defense and SOCOM by developing pharmaceutical products to protect our service members.”

The objective of the formulation is to reduce the logistical burden in treating severe cases of organophosphate poisoning. Upon development of the concentrated atropine sulfate formulation, CMC Pharma plans to execute future studies to support FDA approval of the drug product and secure the appropriate supply chain.  CMC Pharma aims to commercialize the drug product for inclusion in the national strategic stockpile.

In addition to military uses for treating organophosphate poisoning of service members, atropine sulfate is indicated for the temporary blockade of severe or life threatening muscarinic effects, e.g., as an antisialagogue, an antivagal agent, an antidote for organophosphorus or muscarinic mushroom poisoning, and to treat bradyasystolic cardiac arrest.  CMC Pharma intends to seek approval for all relevant military and civilian uses.   

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Jared Heimovitz
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Jared Heimovitz